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5G Slowdown: Airtel and Jio Ditch Unlimited Plans, Sparking Accessibility Concerns in India

5G Slowdown: Airtel and Jio Ditch Unlimited Plans, Sparking Accessibility Concerns in India

After phasing out popular unlimited data plans in the second half of 2024, Indian mobile giants Airtel and Jio are set to sabotage the country’s 5G dreams. Thousands of users have expressed concerns about the affordability and accessibility of high-speed internet following this move, according to The Indian Express.

The End of Unlimited Freedom:

Airtel and Jio have wooed customers with attractive, often unlimited, data plans since the introduction of 5G in India. It is about to come an end to this era of unrestricted internet access. Users can now enjoy the blazing speeds of 5G without worrying about data caps.

The retreat was held because of:

A combination of factors led to Airtel and Jio scrapping unlimited plans. Both companies have struggled to recoup the massive investments they have made into 5G infrastructure. As a result of the high cost of deploying and maintaining 5G networks and the lower-than-expected revenue from limited data plans, their margins are shrinking.

The cost of 5G growth casts a shadow:

With unlimited plans off the table, Airtel and Jio will likely introduce tiered data plans for 5G. This shift may result in higher costs for consumers, which could slow down 5G adoption. India currently has more than 125 million 5G users, but this number may stagnate if affordability becomes a major hurdle.

The stakes of accessibility are high:

India may suffer from a digital divide due to the move toward expensive data plans. Inequalities could be worsened and India’s progress towards a truly digital economy might be hindered. This could be especially detrimental to students, remote workers, and rural residents who rely on affordable internet access.

Balancing the Road Ahead

To help make 5G accessible to all, telecom operators and government stakeholders must work together. Potential measures include:

To bring down the cost of 5G infrastructure, subsidies and tax breaks must be provided to operators.

The development of innovative pricing models that address the needs and budgets of different users.

Ensure 5G coverage is expanded to rural areas in order to reduce the digital divide.

As a result of Airtel and Jio scrapping unlimited 5G plans, India’s digital landscape has reached a turning point. In order to successfully navigate this shift, operators and users need to strike a delicate balance. Whether 5G truly empowers India or becomes another exclusive privilege for the few depends on finding the right equilibrium.



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