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Amazon’s ‘biggest ever’ Prime Day boosts US online sales to $12.7 billion

Amazon’s ‘biggest ever’ Prime Day boosts US online sales to $12.7 billion

According to data from Adobe Analytics, online sales in the United States during Amazon’s Prime Day shopping event saw a 6.1% increase, reaching $12.7 billion compared to the previous year. The rise in sales can be attributed to inflationary pressures that prompted cost-conscious Americans to seek discounts on the popular e-commerce platform. On the second day of the sale, shoppers spent $6.3 billion, drawn in by significant price reductions on various products such as toys and appliances. These discounts appealed to consumers who had otherwise reduced their non-essential purchases due to rising prices.

Amazon reported that Prime members globally purchased more than 375 million items during the two-day event and saved over $2.5 billion on numerous deals, making it the largest Prime Day ever. The second day of the sale witnessed a surge in the sale of back-to-school items, particularly stationary and office supplies, according to Vivek Pandya, lead analyst at Adobe Digital Insights.

The average order size during the Prime Day event increased to $54.05 from $52.26 the previous year, as reported by data firm Numerator. This suggests that consumers were not only taking advantage of the discounts but also making larger purchases.

In terms of specific categories, Adobe data indicated that online sales for appliances on July 12 were up by 52% compared to average daily sales in June, while apparel sales increased by 24% and stationary and office supplies saw a substantial 76% increase.

Electronics, apparel, and toys were the most enticing categories for consumers during the Prime Day sale, with discounts of 14%, 12%, and 12%, respectively, according to Adobe. Vivek Pandya mentioned that this year’s discounts were higher than last year, reaching the higher single digits and even approaching double digits.

In addition to the attractive deals, Amazon introduced Prime Day travel discounts for the first time, partnering with travel booking site Priceline. Furthermore, the company offered its loyalty program members exclusive access to “invite-only deals” in the weeks leading up to Prime Day. Competing retailers such as Walmart, Best Buy, and Target also provided significant discounts to attract customers during this period.

Meanwhile, approximately 900 Amazon workers at a warehouse in Coventry, United Kingdom, went on strike for three days during the Prime Day shopping event due to a pay dispute. However, Amazon stated that this strike would not cause any disruptions for customers.

Adobe’s data is based on direct consumer transactions and encompasses over 1 trillion visits to U.S. retail websites, providing valuable insights into the online shopping trends during Amazon’s Prime Day.


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