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Anger and fear after popular diabetes app breaks

Anger and fear after popular diabetes app breaks

Abbott, the manufacturer of the FreeStyle Libre glucose monitoring system, is facing backlash after an app update caused it to stop working on certain Apple devices. The FreeStyle Libre device consists of a small sensor inserted into the body, which sends data to the app for blood sugar monitoring. However, the recent update has resulted in the app being withdrawn from the App Store, affecting users in the UK. This issue has raised concerns among the approximately 200,000 people in the UK who rely on these sensors for their diabetes management.

Users have expressed their anxiety and frustration over the situation, as they heavily rely on this technology for their well-being. The sudden failure of the app, leaving them without an active way to check their blood sugar levels, has caused distress. Some individuals have resorted to manual finger-prick tests, which are time-consuming and inconvenient compared to the continuous monitoring provided by the app and sensor.

Abbott explained that the problem arose when they updated the app to enhance the user experience by eliminating the need for manual scanning of the sensor. However, this update has caused the app to stop working for some iPhone users, rendering them unable to monitor their blood sugar levels effectively. While some individuals were able to find workarounds, such as downloading the app from their purchase history, many others were left without a solution. This situation raises concerns about the lack of critical alerts for both users and their family members in case of dangerously low or high blood sugar levels.

Abbott has temporarily removed the FreeStyle LibreLink app from the App Store while working on solutions to address the issue. They have advised affected users to uninstall and reinstall the app and have provided a customer service line for assistance. The Android version of the app remains available for download in the UK.

The sudden disruption of the app has caused significant inconvenience and anxiety for users who have come to rely on the FreeStyle Libre system for their diabetes management. People have had to resort to alternative methods, such as frequent finger-prick tests, to monitor their blood sugar levels. The situation highlights the importance of reliable and accessible technology for individuals managing chronic health conditions, and the need for timely and effective solutions to address any issues that arise.


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