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Apple Agrees to Settle Trade Secrets Lawsuit with Chip Startup Rivos

Apple Agrees to Settle Trade Secrets Lawsuit with Chip Startup Rivos

In a recent development, tech giant Apple has reached an agreement to settle a contentious lawsuit with startup Rivos, which accused the latter of stealing trade secrets related to computer-chip technology. The agreement, disclosed in a joint court filing on Friday in California federal court, signifies a potential resolution to the legal dispute that has been ongoing since 2022.

According to the filing, both Apple and Rivos informed the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California that they have signed an agreement that could potentially settle the case. As part of the agreement, Apple will be allowed to examine Rivos’ systems to ensure the recovery of any confidential information that may have been misappropriated.

Representatives for Apple and Rivos have not provided immediate comments or further details regarding the settlement.

Apple initially filed the lawsuit against Rivos in 2022, alleging that the Mountain View-based startup had unlawfully hired numerous Apple engineers and utilized confidential information to develop competing “system-on-chip” (SoC) technology. SoCs, which integrate multiple computer components into a single chip, are integral to various computing devices, including personal and mobile devices.

In response to Apple’s allegations, Rivos denied any wrongdoing and accused Apple of attempting to stifle competition by targeting the startup and its employees. Last September, Rivos countersued Apple for unfair competition.

This settlement comes after Apple recently resolved related claims in the case against six former employees who departed from Apple to join Rivos, marking a significant development in the ongoing legal battle between the two entities.

The agreement to settle the lawsuit underscores the importance of protecting intellectual property rights in the highly competitive technology industry, while also highlighting the complexities surrounding employee mobility and the safeguarding of proprietary information in the sector.


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