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Asset manager Valkyrie files for Ethereum-focused ETF with US SEC

Asset manager Valkyrie files for Ethereum-focused ETF with US SEC

On August 16th, it was reported by Reuters that Valkyrie, an asset management company, had formally submitted documentation to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) outlining their plans to introduce an Ethereum Strategy exchange-traded fund (ETF). This proposed ETF is designed to focus on investments in ether futures as well as other collateral assets related to the Ethereum blockchain.

This development comes in the wake of a challenging year for the cryptocurrency market in 2022, which saw considerable volatility and setbacks. However, the tide appears to be turning as the market shows signs of recovery. Notably, major asset management players like BlackRock are demonstrating renewed interest in cryptocurrencies, including Ethereum, by contemplating the launch of various derivative-based financial products such as ETFs.

It’s worth recalling that the regulatory landscape for cryptocurrency-related financial instruments has been evolving. Since October 2021, exchange-traded funds (ETFs) that are tied to the price movements of bitcoin futures contracts have received regulatory approval. This marked a pivotal moment for the broader cryptocurrency space, indicating a level of acceptance and legitimacy in the traditional financial realm.

However, it’s important to acknowledge that the path to ETF approvals for cryptocurrencies hasn’t been entirely smooth. While futures-based ETFs gained regulatory approval, proposals for ETFs directly tracking the price of the underlying spot bitcoin have faced a series of rejections. The primary concern voiced by regulatory authorities, including the SEC, is the need for robust trading surveillance measures. Such measures are critical to prevent potential instances of market manipulation and fraud within the underlying spot market, which remains a priority for ensuring the integrity of the financial system.

Valkyrie’s move to seek approval for an Ethereum-focused ETF demonstrates the ongoing interest and innovation within the cryptocurrency investment landscape. As the industry continues to mature, it’s expected that discussions around regulatory considerations, market surveillance, and risk mitigation will remain central in the quest for broader adoption and integration of cryptocurrencies into traditional financial markets.


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