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AutoStore and Ocado reach deal to settle patent litigation claims

AutoStore and Ocado reach deal to settle patent litigation claims

On July 22, 2023, a significant development occurred in the world of robotics and online retail, as Norwegian robotics firm AutoStore and British online supermarket group Ocado put an end to their longstanding legal disputes over patent infringement. The resolution came in the form of a deal, whereby AutoStore agreed to pay Ocado a substantial sum of 200 million pounds ($257.1 million) to settle all outstanding patent litigation claims between the two pioneering companies.

AutoStore and Ocado are both renowned for their innovative warehouse technology solutions, which they license to retailers worldwide. However, their intellectual property had been the subject of numerous legal battles across various countries. With this new agreement, all patent litigation claims will be withdrawn globally, providing a definitive conclusion to their legal disputes. As a result, both firms can now focus on utilizing and marketing their existing products without facing any further challenges related to patent infringements.

The 200 million pounds payment will be made by AutoStore to Ocado in installments over a two-year period. While the specific reason for the agreed payment was not disclosed in the statement, it is evident that the sum reflects the gravity of the legal issues that had been at the center of their contentious relationship.

It’s important to note that while this settlement paves the way for cooperation and potential synergies between the two technology giants, the deal does not permit any form of collaboration or technology support between the companies. Furthermore, neither AutoStore nor Ocado will have access to each other’s actual products. However, there is an exception that grants both firms access to certain portions of each other’s patent portfolios. This provision enables them to utilize or manufacture their own products without infringing on the other’s intellectual property rights.

The implications of this agreement are far-reaching for both AutoStore and Ocado. The resolution of their legal disputes brings a sense of closure, allowing them to refocus their efforts on advancing their respective technologies and expanding their market reach. With the uncertainty of prolonged litigation now behind them, they can invest more resources into research, development, and partnerships with other retailers.

The robotics and online retail industries are witnessing rapid growth and innovation, with automation and efficient warehouse technologies becoming increasingly crucial for meeting the demands of modern consumers. AutoStore and Ocado’s respective contributions to this sector have been invaluable, and this settlement ensures that their innovative solutions can continue to flourish independently, without hindrance from legal battles.

As the global retail landscape evolves, this deal between AutoStore and Ocado sets a precedent for other technology companies in the sector. It emphasizes the importance of protecting intellectual property while also encouraging a more cooperative approach to addressing disputes, which ultimately benefits the industry as a whole.

the settlement between AutoStore and Ocado marks a significant milestone in the fields of robotics and online retail. By putting an end to their patent litigation claims, both companies can now focus on further innovation and growth in their respective markets. The payment of 200 million pounds by AutoStore to Ocado underscores the seriousness of the past legal disputes, but it also signifies a fresh start for both organizations. As they move forward, they will undoubtedly continue to shape the future of warehousing technology and redefine the way consumers shop online.


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