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Cerebras Systems signs $100 mln AI supercomputer deal with UAE’s G42

Cerebras Systems signs $100 mln AI supercomputer deal with UAE’s G42

On July 20, 2023, Cerebras Systems, a Silicon Valley-based startup, announced a groundbreaking deal worth approximately $100 million with G42, a technology group based in the United Arab Emirates. The agreement marks the beginning of a strategic partnership aimed at delivering advanced artificial intelligence (AI) supercomputers. These supercomputers, known as Condor Galaxy systems, will provide an alternative to the chips supplied by Nvidia Corp, a dominant force in the AI computing market, whose products have been facing shortages due to the increasing popularity of AI services like ChatGPT.

Under the terms of the deal, G42 has committed to purchasing three Condor Galaxy systems, with all units set to be manufactured in the United States to expedite the deployment process. The first of these supercomputers is expected to become operational later this year, followed by two more in early 2024. However, the collaboration does not end there. Cerebras CEO, Andrew Feldman, disclosed that discussions are already underway for the potential acquisition of up to six additional supercomputers by late 2024, indicating the long-term nature of their partnership.

To further enhance the collaboration, Andrew Feldman is planning to relocate to the UAE for three months to work closely with G42 on developing their computing services based on cutting-edge Cerebras systems. He sees this as a rare opportunity to make a significant impact on the burgeoning AI market, and both companies are enthusiastic about the potential this partnership holds.

G42, headquartered in Abu Dhabi, is a tech conglomerate with a diverse range of operating companies, including data center and cloud service businesses. Their plans for the newly acquired Cerebras systems involve offering AI computing services to industries like healthcare and energy. This move aligns with G42’s vision of capitalizing on the rising demand for AI technology in various sectors.

The tech investment firm Silver Lake has played a significant role in G42’s financial backing, raising a substantial $800 million for the venture. With support from Mudabala, the UAE’s sovereign wealth fund, G42 is well-positioned to invest in innovative technologies and drive growth in the AI domain.

Cerebras stands out from its competitors due to its “white glove” service, which facilitates the seamless integration of AI systems on its supercomputers. G42 Cloud CEO, Talal AlKaissi, praised Cerebras for making the process easier for them, allowing G42 to leverage the Condor Galaxy systems to their full potential.

Moreover, both companies foresee additional opportunities arising from this collaboration. It is anticipated that there will be excess capacity, which Cerebras and G42 plan to offer wholesale to customers within the open-source AI community. This move aims to foster AI innovation and collaboration globally, especially within the U.S. ecosystem.

As the partnership between Cerebras and G42 unfolds, the AI community eagerly awaits the potential breakthroughs and advancements that could reshape the AI computing landscape. The deal signifies the growing demand for AI solutions and sets the stage for exciting developments in the tech industry. With the combination of Cerebras’ state-of-the-art supercomputers and G42’s expertise and vast network of tech businesses, the partnership is poised to make significant strides in AI innovation and revolutionize various industries with cutting-edge computing services.


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