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China’s Huawei reports small revenue bump on back of core businesses

China’s Huawei reports small revenue bump on back of core businesses

Shenzhen, China, August 4th – In a significant development, Huawei Technologies’ handset business appears to be on a promising trajectory toward resurgence. Richard Yu, the head of Huawei’s consumer business, delivered an optimistic keynote address at the company’s annual developer conference held in the vibrant city of Dongguan. Yu revealed that Huawei’s share in the domestic smartphone market experienced a remarkable growth of 76.1% during the second quarter, propelling the company into the coveted second position within the high-end sector.

During this period, Huawei managed to capture an impressive 11.3% of the overall market share in China, though trailing behind prominent competitors such as Vivo and Apple. This data, sourced from Counterpoint Research, sheds light on Huawei’s remarkable rebound after a period of challenges. The company’s resurgence has been attributed to a renewed vigor in product launches, which was possible after effectively resolving supply shortages that had hampered their progress.

Huawei’s journey back to prominence is particularly noteworthy due to the formidable challenges it faced due to several rounds of restrictions imposed by the United States on the use of U.S.-made technology. These restrictions forced Huawei to focus on producing last-generation 4G handsets, resulting in a substantial decline in their once-commanding market share, both domestically and internationally.

Furthermore, a cloud of security concerns loomed over Huawei as governments in both the United States and Europe labeled the company as a potential security risk. Huawei, however, has vehemently denied these allegations, emphasizing its commitment to providing secure and reliable technology solutions.

You underscored the strides that Huawei has taken in advancing its in-house Harmony operating system, lauding its resilience in overcoming various challenges over the span of four years. Impressively, the operating system has managed to amass a community of 2.2 million developers, a testament to its growing popularity and potential.

Looking ahead, research firms have expressed optimism that Huawei will make a triumphant return to the realm of 5G smartphones by the year’s end. This feat is expected to be accomplished through domestic chip procurement, despite the hurdles posed by the U.S. restrictions.

Huawei’s recent endeavors signify a remarkable turnaround in its handset business. The resurgence in its domestic smartphone market share, coupled with its growing presence in the high-end sector, reflects the company’s determination to reclaim its once-dominant position. As Huawei continues to overcome challenges, particularly in the face of technological restrictions and security concerns, the stage is set for a potentially transformative comeback in the global smartphone arena.


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