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“EE and Vodafone Mobile Networks Disrupted by Technical Bug”

“EE and Vodafone Mobile Networks Disrupted by Technical Bug”

Vodafone asserted that its network was unaffected by any technical glitches. Instead, Vodafone customers found themselves unable to place calls to EE numbers. In response to the situation, Vodafone commented, “Some of our customers have been impacted by an issue with the EE network.” This problem was not limited to current EE customers but extended to those who had previously switched their numbers from EE to Vodafone.

The intricacy of the issue arose from the fact that numbers that had been transferred or “ported” from EE to other networks, such as Three, O2, and Vodafone, were affected. This was because a portion of the mobile number, specifically three digits, still identified them as “EE” numbers. Consequently, even though these customers were no longer with EE, their calls were momentarily routed through EE’s infrastructure. This situation resulted in disruptions not only for calls within their new network but also for calls to other networks, as the issues within EE affected the broader telecommunications landscape.

On the other hand, EE acknowledged the problem and expressed apologies to its customers for any inconvenience caused. An EE spokesperson stated, “We’re aware that some of our mobile customers are unable to make or receive calls from a Vodafone number.” EE assured its customers that mobile data, text messages, and calls to other networks were not impacted by this technical hiccup. It’s worth noting that while both companies admitted to disruptions in calls between their networks, the descriptions of the issue differed slightly.

As the day progressed, customers from both EE and Vodafone continued to report network issues on various platforms, including X (formerly known as Twitter). Meanwhile, O2 customers also voiced concerns about network problems on Downdetector. O2, however, clarified that its network was functioning without any hitches but acknowledged that some users might be facing difficulties when attempting to communicate with EE customers.

a technical bug disrupted communication between Vodafone and EE networks, impacting customers who had transferred their numbers from EE to Vodafone. The issue, while causing inconveniences for calls within their respective networks, also affected calls to other networks due to the intricacies of the number porting process. Both companies were actively working to resolve the issue, while O2 customers reported separate, though potentially related, network problems.


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