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EU Gears Up for In-Depth Discussions on AI Act Following Landmark Agreement

EU Gears Up for In-Depth Discussions on AI Act Following Landmark Agreement

The EU is set to dive into the nitty-gritty of the AI Act this Tuesday, following the recent provisional agreement among member states and lawmakers. Sources familiar with the matter revealed that experts from both sides will convene in a series of technical meetings spanning over 11 sessions, starting on Tuesday. During these meetings, government officials and aides will focus on ironing out specific details, including the extent of the laws and their operational mechanisms.

Among the key discussions are the legal parameters for government utilization of AI in biometric surveillance, addressing copyright concerns related to foundational models, and devising regulations for major AI systems like ChatGPT.

This latest development comes on the heels of the EU’s hard-fought political consensus reached last Friday, marking significant progress toward becoming the first major global authority to establish comprehensive AI regulations. Once the agreed-upon text is finalized, it will undergo formal editing to prepare a consolidated version. According to Alexander Duisberg, a partner at the law firm Ashurst, “The Council and the European Parliament will then officially settle and confirm the wording… Subsequently, it will be published in the Official Journal, initiating the sunrise period.” Countries like France and Germany have expressed intentions to scrutinize the compromises achieved within the AI Act. Their earlier support mirrored views put forth by companies such as France’s Mistral and Germany’s Aleph Alpha regarding the regulation of foundational models.


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