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Foxconn unit in talks for $200 mln components plant in India’s Tamil Nadu -sources

Foxconn unit in talks for $200 mln components plant in India’s Tamil Nadu -sources

Chennai, a bustling city located in southern India, has become a focal point of attention in the tech world, with exciting news emerging regarding a potential multimillion-dollar investment by a subsidiary of Foxconn, the renowned global contract electronics manufacturer. According to reliable sources with direct knowledge, discussions are underway between the Foxconn subsidiary and the Tamil Nadu state government to establish a state-of-the-art plant for electronic components in the region.

The subsidiary in question is none other than Foxconn Industrial Internet (FII), which specializes in producing cutting-edge communication, mobile network, and cloud computing equipment. The company’s CEO, Brand Cheng, along with other key representatives, recently held meetings with Tamil Nadu officials, including the state’s chief minister, to explore the possibilities of substantial investments in the region. However, specific details of the investment plan were not divulged in the government’s statement following the meeting.

One of the knowledgeable sources revealed that FII has presented a comprehensive proposal to the state authorities, envisioning an initial investment ranging from $180 million to $200 million for the new facility. While the sources declined to disclose further particulars due to the confidential nature of the talks, they did not clarify whether the electronic components manufactured at the proposed plant would be intended for Apple’s iPhones or for other companies products.

If all goes as planned, Foxconn aspires to have the plant fully operational by 2024, and subsequent investments are anticipated in the future. However, it’s essential to emphasize that no definitive decision has been reached at this stage, as both parties continue to engage in discussions to explore the feasibility and benefits of the proposed investment.

This potential development comes against the backdrop of Foxconn’s existing sprawling campus near Chennai city, where it currently assembles iPhones for Apple. The company’s presence in the region has significantly contributed to India’s burgeoning electronics manufacturing sector and has been instrumental in generating employment opportunities and technological growth.

Furthermore, Foxconn’s ambitions in India extend beyond Tamil Nadu, as it is also in talks with the western state of Gujarat to explore opportunities in the semiconductor sector. The company’s chairman, Young Liu, is expected to participate in a prestigious annual semiconductor event organized by the Indian government, further demonstrating Foxconn’s keen interest in the country’s dynamic tech landscape.

It’s worth noting that this potential investment by Foxconn in Tamil Nadu is not an isolated endeavor, as the company has already engaged in discussions with the Karnataka state government in South India. A substantial commitment of $1.07 billion for the establishment of a new plant was made during the talks with Karnataka, showcasing Foxconn’s deepening interest in solidifying its presence and investments in India.

As Foxconn continues to explore various opportunities in India’s rapidly evolving tech sector, the company’s potential investments hold the promise of bolstering the country’s manufacturing capabilities and contributing significantly to its vision of becoming a global manufacturing hub. Moreover, these developments hold the potential to strengthen India’s position in the global electronics and semiconductor markets, fostering innovation, employment, and economic growth in the region and beyond.

In conclusion, the prospect of a substantial investment by Foxconn’s subsidiary in Tamil Nadu has sparked excitement among industry observers and government officials alike. As discussions progress and plans take shape, the potential impact on India’s tech landscape and economic development remains a subject of anticipation and optimism. The region’s potential to become a manufacturing powerhouse for electronic components is undeniable, and with the support of global players like Foxconn, the future of India’s tech sector looks incredibly promising.


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