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Google May Extend ‘Circle to Search’ Feature to All Android Devices Post-September

Google May Extend ‘Circle to Search’ Feature to All Android Devices Post-September

In a significant development for Android users, Google is considering expanding its innovative ‘Circle to Search’ feature beyond its current exclusivity with Samsung and Google devices. The move follows Samsung’s recent announcement regarding the limited-time exclusivity of the feature for its Galaxy S24 series and Google’s subsequent rollout for Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro.

Initially introduced with the Samsung Galaxy S24 series, Circle to Search enables users to conduct quick Google Lens searches by employing simple gestures such as circle, highlight, or tap on any visible item or object on the display. This intuitive feature has garnered positive feedback for its seamless integration into device navigation.

Samsung’s statement regarding the feature’s exclusivity expiring in September has sparked speculation that Google may intend to make it available across a broader range of Android devices. While Google has not officially confirmed its plans, industry experts anticipate that Circle to Search could become accessible to users of older Pixel models and select smartphones from Samsung’s S-series and Z-series before potentially expanding to devices from other brands.

The feature, which facilitates swift access to Google Lens functionality, has been well-received for its convenience and utility. Users can activate Circle to Search either by long-pressing the home button (button navigation) or performing a swipe gesture from the bottom corners of the screen (gesture navigation), making it seamlessly integrated into various device interactions.

As Google continues to innovate and enhance user experiences on Android devices, the potential extension of Circle to Search beyond Samsung and Google devices signals a promising development for Android users worldwide. Stay tuned for further updates as Google explores avenues to make this intuitive feature accessible to a broader audience in the near future.


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