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Instagram’s Threads: ‘Almost every influencer will be hopping on it’

Instagram’s Threads: ‘Almost every influencer will be hopping on it’

The launch of Meta’s Threads app has garnered significant attention, with an estimated thirty million users signing up. Threads position itself as a friendly competitor to Twitter, offering similar features and functionality. One prominent YouTuber, Steven Bridges, expressed his support for Threads, considering it a much-needed alternative to Twitter. He emphasized the discontent among many users with Twitter’s management and saw Threads as a viable platform for engaging with a similar audience. Additionally, Steven anticipated an influx of content creators joining Threads, as they often seek to establish a presence on new platforms to attract an audience. The early adopters may benefit from a potentially smaller user base, allowing for quicker audience growth.

Dhruti Shah, a former BBC journalist and creative lead at consultancy Have You Thought About, viewed Threads as an exciting new platform but noted the challenges of standing out among the crowd. She compared it to a bustling ice skating rink, where some users thrive while others struggle to gain traction. Dhruti highlighted the need for time to understand Threads’ purpose, especially in a fast-paced environment that can be overwhelming.

On the other hand, Doug Brown, an artist, and Edinburgh black cab driver, found Threads appealing due to its integration of features from Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Recognizing the strengths of these top social media platforms, he praised Threads for incorporating their best aspects into one app. Doug expressed satisfaction with the Threads experience thus far.

Dr. Ysabel Gerrard, a senior lecturer in digital communication at the University of Sheffield, expressed doubts about any app truly replacing Twitter. She emphasized Twitter’s unique culture and the accumulation of years of user interactions that shaped its identity. Regarding Threads, she viewed it as closely tied to Instagram in terms of functionality and branding, suggesting that it might be seen as a spin-off rather than a true replacement for Twitter.

In summary, the launch of Meta’s Threads app has generated mixed opinions among its users. While some see it as a much-needed competitor to Twitter and anticipate growth and success, others caution that it may take time to understand its purpose and navigate the fast-paced environment. The integration of features from various social media platforms has impressed some users, but doubts persist about whether any app can truly replace the distinct culture of Twitter.


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