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Intel’s Latest AI Chip Sparks PC Upgrade Push for Next-Gen Chatbot Era

Intel’s Latest AI Chip Sparks PC Upgrade Push for Next-Gen Chatbot Era

Intel announced that numerous PC manufacturers have embraced its latest AI-powered chip, aiming to encourage users to upgrade their computers for the dawn of a new era in chatbot technology.

During a press event in New York, Intel revealed that its new chip will feature in laptops by Dell Technologies, Microsoft, Lenovo Group, and others. These devices are set to hit shelves at Best Buy in the U.S. on Thursday, followed by global retailers like JD.com in China and Harvey Norman in Australia.

Following this announcement, Intel’s stock surged by up to 3.6%.

Traditionally, Intel’s central processor units (CPUs) have been the cornerstone of most personal computers. However, their newest chip, codenamed “Meteor Lake,” marks a significant advancement, housing a neural processing unit (NPU) designed specifically to handle artificial intelligence tasks.

Intel’s push to prompt consumers and businesses to adopt its chips comes in the wake of a post-pandemic slowdown in PC purchases. Many individuals who upgraded their devices for remote work in 2020 have found little incentive to invest in new equipment.

During the event, Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger emphasized that the use of their chips would render AI services more affordable, quicker, and more secure compared to utilizing cloud-based services.

Gelsinger highlighted AI on PCs as the upcoming year’s centerpiece, stating, “You’re unleashing this power for every person, every use case, every location in the future.”

In a September demonstration showcasing the new chip, Intel presented various AI applications aimed at generating interest, such as voice note transcription without relying on third-party cloud providers or creating songs akin to those of pop star Taylor Swift.

Additionally, Intel revealed the Gaudi 3 chip, positioning it as a competitor to Nvidia in the data center AI market. This unveiling marks a significant step in Intel’s ambitions within the realm of AI technology.


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