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Meta prepares AI-powered chatbots in attempt to retain users – FT

Meta prepares AI-powered chatbots in attempt to retain users – FT

On August 1, 2023, Meta Platforms, the parent company of Facebook, is gearing up to launch an exciting new range of artificial intelligence (AI) powered chatbots, as reported by the Financial Times. These chatbots are expected to have distinct personalities, mimicking human-like conversations with users. The goal behind this initiative is to enhance user engagement across Meta’s social media platforms by providing a fresh search function and personalized recommendations.

According to insider sources, Meta has been diligently working on prototypes that will enable chatbots to converse in the style of historical figures and personalities. For instance, one of the chatbots is set to emulate the speech patterns of the iconic Abraham Lincoln, while another will offer travel recommendations in the laid-back and casual style of a surfer. This creative approach is likely to make interactions with chatbots more enjoyable and appealing to users.

The development of these innovative chatbots comes at a crucial time for Meta, as the company faces the challenge of boosting retention rates on its recently launched text-based app, Threads. In the weeks following its launch on July 5, Threads experienced a significant decline in user numbers. By incorporating these AI-driven chatbots across their platforms, Meta aims to revitalize user interest and re-engage its audience effectively.

Despite declining to comment on the specifics of the Financial Times report, Meta remains optimistic about its prospects, having recently reported strong growth in advertising revenue in its earnings report. The company’s third-quarter revenue forecasts also exceeded market expectations, signaling positive momentum.

The AI-driven technology space has been abuzz with excitement around the potential of emerging AI technologies, and Meta is actively riding this wave of enthusiasm. To complement its efforts, the company introduced Llama 2, a new version of its open-source AI model, in July. This model is geared towards commercial use and will be distributed by Microsoft through its Azure cloud service, running on the Windows operating system. The collaboration with Microsoft further strengthens Meta’s position in the AI landscape.

Interestingly, Meta’s competitors are also delving into the world of AI chatbots. In July, Bloomberg News reported that Apple is working on AI offerings similar to OpenAI’s ChatGPT and Google’s Bard. Apple’s engineers have reportedly built their own framework, called ‘Ajax’, to create large language models and are actively testing a chatbot, potentially referred to as ‘Apple GPT’. This indicates the growing significance of AI-powered applications across various technology companies.

Overall, Meta’s endeavor to introduce diverse and engaging AI-powered chatbots holds the potential to reshape user experiences on its social media platforms positively. By harnessing the power of AI, Meta seeks to overcome past challenges and continue its upward trajectory in the tech industry. The convergence of AI technologies across major players like Meta, Apple, Google, and others also signals a competitive race to harness the full potential of AI to meet user demands and expectations in novel and exciting ways. As September approaches, the world eagerly awaits the unveiling of these AI chatbots and their impact on the digital landscape.


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