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Meta’s social media apps back up after brief outage

Meta’s social media apps back up after brief outage

On July 10, social media giant Meta Platforms, formerly known as Facebook, experienced a temporary outage across its popular platforms including Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, and the Twitter-rival app Threads. According to Downdetector.com, which monitors and aggregates user-submitted error reports, the outages affected thousands of users but could have potentially impacted a larger number of individuals.

During the peak of the disruption, which lasted for over an hour, approximately 14,000 users encountered difficulties accessing Instagram. Concurrently, around 7,000 users experienced issues with Facebook, while 2,700 users faced challenges with WhatsApp. Meta’s recently launched app, Threads, was also affected by the outage, with approximately 470 users reporting problems accessing the service.

Downdetector.com collects information from various sources to track and monitor outages, including user-submitted error reports on its platform. It is important to note that the actual number of affected users may have been higher than the reported figures.

As of now, Meta has not provided an immediate response to a query from Reuters regarding the outages. It is common for social media companies to face occasional service disruptions due to technical glitches, server maintenance, or other unforeseen issues. While these outages are typically resolved promptly, they can cause inconvenience and frustration for users who heavily rely on these platforms for communication, entertainment, and other purposes.

The brief disruption serves as a reminder of the widespread dependence on social media platforms and messaging apps in today’s interconnected world. Such outages highlight the potential impact on individuals, businesses, and communities when these digital services experience interruptions. Users often turn to alternative platforms or communication channels during these periods, emphasizing the importance of maintaining diverse and reliable means of connectivity.

It remains to be seen whether Meta will provide further information or explanation regarding the cause of the outage. As social media and messaging platforms continue to evolve and expand their user base, ensuring consistent and uninterrupted service will be crucial to maintaining user satisfaction and trust.


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