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Microsoft is ‘in the lead’ with new cloud-based A.I. workloads, CEO Nadella says

Microsoft is ‘in the lead’ with new cloud-based A.I. workloads, CEO Nadella says

Microsoft, under the leadership of CEO Satya Nadella, has acknowledged that it may not be the largest provider of cloud infrastructure, with Amazon still holding a significant lead in that market. However, Nadella proudly pointed out that Microsoft is leading the way in the realm of new artificial intelligence workloads, particularly with the success of OpenAI’s ChatGPT chatbot hosted on Azure.

Azure’s growth is anticipated to be around 25% to 26% in constant currency, with about 2 percentage points of that growth attributed to AI services. Microsoft believes that its investment in AI will play a crucial role in expanding its position in the overall cloud computing market. Azure and other cloud services saw a substantial 26% year-over-year increase, outpacing most other major product areas, except for Dynamics 365, the cloud-based enterprise software.

Over the years, Microsoft has earned its reputation for dominance, especially with its Windows operating system and Office productivity software. Under Nadella’s leadership, the company has continued to invest in innovative projects, including Bing, Surface PCs, and Azure, which have sometimes lagged behind competitors. However, in recent months, Microsoft has made strides in promoting access to OpenAI’s large language models in Azure, attracting companies of all sizes to adopt these services over alternatives from Amazon, Google, and startups.

The integration of OpenAI’s models into Microsoft’s own software, such as Bing and Windows, further strengthens the company’s position in the AI space. Having invested billions into OpenAI, Microsoft maintains a deep partnership with the startup, positioning it advantageously in the fast-growing AI sector.

While the potential revenue from Azure AI services relying on OpenAI’s technologies remains uncertain, Nadella expresses optimism about the prospects in this area. He notes that Azure has witnessed growth even from customers who primarily used other cloud providers, with these clients now turning to Azure for new AI workloads. Additionally, some customers who previously employed multiple cloud platforms are beginning to explore data and AI projects with Azure.

Generative AI, driven by breakthroughs like ChatGPT and Adobe’s Firefly image-generation tools, has garnered renewed interest in the AI community. Microsoft has been running AI models for other companies for years, but the success of these new AI technologies is sparking a fresh wave of interest and adoption.

In terms of future market share, Nadella expects Microsoft to continue gaining ground and aims to reduce customer acquisition costs. The company’s commitment to transparency is evident through its disclosure of the proportion of expected Azure cloud growth derived from AI services in the past two quarters.

Looking ahead, Microsoft remains committed to pushing the boundaries of AI and cloud computing. By fostering partnerships, investing in innovative technologies, and providing cutting-edge AI solutions, Microsoft aims to solidify its position as a leading player in the cloud infrastructure and AI markets.


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