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Microsoft Launches Enhanced Copilot Experience Ahead of Super Bowl Weekend

Microsoft Launches Enhanced Copilot Experience Ahead of Super Bowl Weekend

As anticipation builds for Super Bowl weekend, Microsoft unveils its latest innovation in AI technology with the expansion of Microsoft Copilot, promising to empower users to accomplish previously unattainable tasks.

This year marks Microsoft’s return to the Super Bowl after a four-year hiatus, showcasing the transformative capabilities of AI through Copilot. From budding entrepreneurs shaping business plans to filmmakers crafting intricate storyboards, and fantasy football enthusiasts bringing their teams to life with customizable mascot images, Copilot promises to revolutionize creative processes.

Coinciding with the Super Bowl ad debut, Microsoft announces a significant update to the Copilot experience across copilot.microsoft.com and the Copilot app on iOS and Android platforms. The update introduces a streamlined interface, designed to facilitate idea generation and provide deeper insights into various topics. Users will encounter a sleeker design for answers and a dynamic carousel of suggested prompts, highlighting Copilot’s versatility.

Today also marks one year since Microsoft’s entry into AI-powered experiences with Bing Chat. With over 5 billion chats and images created to date, Copilot has witnessed exponential growth, contributing to the expansion of Edge and Bing share. Building on this success, Microsoft introduces enhanced image creation capabilities within Copilot’s Designer feature, allowing users to customize generated images through inline editing. From enhancing colors to experimenting with pixel art effects, Copilot empowers users to unleash their creativity seamlessly.

For Copilot Pro subscribers, additional features include easy resizing and regeneration of images between square and landscape formats without leaving the chat interface. Moreover, Microsoft teases the upcoming rollout of Designer GPT within Copilot, offering users a dedicated canvas to visualize their ideas comprehensively.

Copilot is accessible across multiple browsers, including Microsoft Edge, Chrome, Firefox, and Safari, as well as through the Copilot mobile app on iOS and Android devices. As Microsoft continues to advance AI technology, Copilot serves as a testament to the company’s commitment to democratizing breakthroughs in AI and empowering individuals and organizations worldwide to achieve more.


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