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NXP forecasts third quarter above estimates on steady automotive demand

NXP forecasts third quarter above estimates on steady automotive demand

July 24, 2023 (Reuters) – NXP Semiconductors (NXPI.O), a leading chipmaker based in Eindhoven, Netherlands, recently announced its third-quarter revenue and profit forecasts, surpassing Wall Street expectations. The company remains optimistic about its prospects, attributing its confidence to the surge in demand from automakers rapidly increasing their production, which is expected to offset the impact of a sluggish consumer electronics market.

NXP Semiconductors has been benefiting from the growing electrification of cars and the widespread adoption of advanced driver-assistance systems. These trends have kept the demand for automotive chips steady, and NXP has been a major beneficiary, with over half of its revenue coming from the automotive sector last year.

The chipmaker’s fortunes have been further improved by the easing of global chip shortages, which had caused difficulties for automakers in obtaining key components during the pandemic. As supply chains have stabilized, NXP and other chip manufacturers have found that vital components are more readily available, allowing them to meet the increased demand from automotive clients.

Following the recent announcement, Nasdaq-listed shares of NXP Semiconductors rose by 1.5% during after-hours trading, demonstrating investors’ confidence in the company’s future performance.

CEO Kurt Sievers expressed optimism about NXP’s core businesses, emphasizing the continued strength in the automotive, core-industrial, and communications infrastructure segments. These segments experienced growth in the second quarter on a sequential basis, highlighting the resilience of NXP’s offerings.

Despite the positive outlook for automotive chips, NXP, like many other chipmakers, faces challenges due to a downturn in the broader semiconductor industry. A significant drop in demand for goods such as televisions and smartphones has put pressure on the entire chip manufacturing sector. However, NXP’s diverse business model, with a strong focus on the automotive market, has helped the company weather these challenges more effectively.

Additionally, NXP is navigating the complexities arising from the United States’ export curbs on China, as both sides continue to implement new restrictions. As a company with about 36% of its revenue coming from the region, NXP has been monitoring the situation closely. However, it had earlier stated that it expected no material impact from China’s export curbs on certain gallium and germanium products. These metals are crucial components used in NXP’s automotive and communications sector chips.

Looking forward, NXP’s financial projections for the current quarter indicate robust growth. The company expects revenue in the range of $3.30 billion to $3.50 billion, with analysts’ estimates hovering around $3.31 billion, according to Refinitiv data. Moreover, NXP foresees adjusted profit per share to be between $3.39 and $3.82 for the same period, slightly surpassing the analysts’ expected $3.43 per share.

In the recently ended quarter, NXP reported revenue of $3.30 billion, outperforming estimates of $3.21 billion. Moreover, on an adjusted basis, the company earned $3.43 per share, beating the analysts’ estimate of $3.29.

NXP Semiconductors remains optimistic about its future growth prospects, driven by the steadfast demand for automotive chips and a recovering supply chain. As a significant player in the automotive sector, the company appears well-positioned to capitalize on the accelerating trends in electrification and advanced driver-assistance systems. While challenges persist in the semiconductor industry, NXP’s solid performance and strategic focus on key sectors continue to inspire confidence among investors and analysts alike.


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