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OnePlus Confirms UFS 3.1 Storage Across All OnePlus 12r Variants: Addresses Confusion

OnePlus Confirms UFS 3.1 Storage Across All OnePlus 12r Variants: Addresses Confusion

In response to recent social media scrutiny, OnePlus has officially confirmed that the OnePlus 12r smartphone features UFS 3.1 storage technology across all variants. The clarification comes after initial reports suggested discrepancies in the storage type specified by the company during the device’s launch.

Initially, OnePlus had announced that the base variant of the OnePlus 12r would come equipped with UFS 3.1 storage, while the 256GB variant would boast the newer UFS 4.0 technology. However, several users raised concerns online, stating that their devices featured UFS 3.1 storage regardless of the storage capacity.

UFS 4.0 storage offers enhanced read-and-write speeds and improved thermal management compared to its predecessor, UFS 3.1. While the disparity may not be noticeable during regular usage, it can significantly impact the performance for power users who demand higher data transfer speeds and efficient thermal regulation.

The company’s clarification aims to address any confusion among consumers regarding the storage technology utilized in the OnePlus 12r series. Despite the discrepancy in the initially stated specifications, OnePlus assures users that all variants of the OnePlus 12r feature UFS 3.1 storage.

As technology continues to evolve, consumers can expect further advancements in storage technologies that enhance overall device performance and user experience. However, for current OnePlus 12r owners and prospective buyers, the confirmed utilization of UFS 3.1 storage ensures reliable and efficient operation across all variants of the device.

OnePlus remains committed to providing transparent and accurate information to its user base, ensuring an optimal user experience and satisfaction with its products.

The confirmation from OnePlus regarding the storage technology in the OnePlus 12r aims to alleviate any concerns or confusion among consumers. As the smartphone market continues to progress, such clarifications underscore the importance of transparent communication between manufacturers and users.


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