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PhonePe Takes a Bite Out of the App Market: Indus Appstore Launches in India

PhonePe Takes a Bite Out of the App Market: Indus Appstore Launches in India

The Indian tech landscape just got a shake-up with the launch of the Indus Appstore, a new contender in the app market by Flipkart-owned payment platform PhonePe. This bold move aims to challenge the dominance of Google Play Store, potentially offering increased competition and diverse choices for Indian smartphone users.

India’s Own App Haven?

Indus Appstore boasts several features designed to appeal to the Indian market:

  • Local Language Focus: Catering to the country’s linguistic diversity, it offers 12 Indian languages alongside English, making app discovery more accessible for non-English speakers.
  • Video-led Discovery: Recognizing the popularity of short-form content, the appstore utilizes video previews to showcase apps, potentially increasing engagement and facilitating informed choices.
  • Developer Friendly: To attract app developers, PhonePe is waiving listing fees for the first year, potentially fostering a wider app selection and encouraging local innovation.
  • Prioritizing Indian Apps: Aiming to promote homegrown talent, the platform actively seeks to onboard popular Indian apps like Zomato, Myntra, and Swiggy.

A Battle for Dominance

This launch undoubtedly signals PhonePe’s ambition to capture a significant share of the Indian app market. However, Google Play Store remains the established leader, boasting a vast app library and deep integration with Android devices.

What it Means for Users

For Indian smartphone users, the Indus Appstore could translate to:

  • Wider App Selection: Increased competition might lead to a broader range of apps tailored to local needs and preferences.
  • Lower Costs: Potential competition on developer fees could benefit users by bringing down app prices.
  • Focus on Indian Developers: The platform could provide a boost to the Indian app development ecosystem, fostering innovation and local solutions.

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