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Rumor Mill: Microsoft’s Disc-less Xbox Series X Could Offer Budget Gamers a Next-Gen Entry Point

Rumor Mill: Microsoft’s Disc-less Xbox Series X Could Offer Budget Gamers a Next-Gen Entry Point

Gamers on a budget, rejoice! Rumors swirling around the internet suggest Microsoft is planning a redesigned Xbox Series X—and it might be music to your ears (and wallet). Leaked images and reports suggest a disc-less version of the current powerhouse console, offering a potentially cheaper entry point to next-gen gaming.

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The leaked images, revealed by Exputer, showcase a console strikingly similar to the existing Xbox Series S. It sports a sleek white design that ditches the disc drive. This streamlined design aligns with the budget-friendly Series S. Still, whispers suggest it upgraded internals for the disc-less Series X. This could mean it maintains the performance of the current Series X while sacrificing the ability to play physical games.

The lack of a disc drive is the biggest giveaway regarding potential cost savings. Disc drives add complexity and expense to consoles, so their removal could translate to a significant price drop. Early reports estimate a price range of $50 to $100 cheaper than the current Series X.

This disc-less Xbox Series X would likely slot in nicely between the existing Series S and Series X. Gamers who prioritize affordability and an extensive library of digital games would find this new console appealing. The standard Series X would remain the better choice for those who prefer physical media or a wider variety of game options.

The leaks also cast some doubt on previous rumors about a mid-generation refresh codenamed “Project Brooklin.” This rumored refresh was expected to feature a cylindrical design and advanced wireless capabilities.

Whether these plans have been scrapped in favor of the disc-less version remains unclear.

With Microsoft not officially confirming anything, these rumors should be taken with a grain of salt. However, the potential for a more affordable, disc-less Xbox Series X is certainly enticing for budget-conscious gamers. If the rumors hold, an official announcement from Microsoft could be coming soon, so stay tuned!


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