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Samsung Galaxy AI Update: Bringing Intelligence to Older Devices

Samsung Galaxy AI Update: Bringing Intelligence to Older Devices

Samsung is democratizing smartphone intelligence! The tech giant is rolling out its much-anticipated Galaxy AI features to a wider range of existing devices. This update aims to bridge the gap between older Galaxy models and the feature-rich Galaxy S24 lineup.

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Previously exclusive to the S24, Galaxy AI offers a suite of functionalities powered by artificial intelligence. These features are designed to enhance productivity, communication, and creativity. Here’s a look at what existing Galaxy users can expect:

  • Smarter Interactions: Galaxy AI equips your phone with features like Live Translate, which translates conversations in real-time, and Chat Assist, a tool that helps adjust message tone and translate messages in various languages.
  • Creative Powerhouse: No more frustration over missed photo ops! Generative Edit allows users to resize, reposition, or realign objects in photos for that perfect composition. Edit Suggestion offers on-the-fly photo editing recommendations.
  • Search Evolved: Say goodbye to clunky keyword searches. Circle to Search lets you simply draw a circle around an image on your screen to generate relevant search results instantly.

This update targets several Galaxy models, including the S23 series, Z Flip5 and Fold5 phones, and the Tab S9 tablets. It essentially brings these devices closer to feature parity with the latest Galaxy S24, offering users a more intelligent and intuitive smartphone experience.

Samsung’s decision to expand Galaxy AI highlights the company’s commitment to not leaving older devices behind.

By bringing AI-powered features to a wider range of users, Samsung is ensuring that more people can experience the future of mobile interaction.


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