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The Cyber Defense Index 2022/23

The Cyber Defense Index 2022/23

The Cyber Defense Index is a ranking of 20 of the world’s
major economies according to their collective cybersecurity
assets, organizational capabilities, and policy stances. It
measures the degree to which these economies have adopted
technology practices that advance resilience to cyberattacks
and how well governments and policy frameworks promote
secure digital transactions.

The overall rankings tab shows the performance of the examined
economies relative to one another and aggregates their scores
across four pillars: critical infrastructure, cybersecurity
resources, organizational capacity, and policy commitment.

This pillar indicates how well each country is served by
robust and secure digital and telecommunications networks and
computing resources that underpin primary economic activity.
In addition to an overall indicator of telecom capacity, as
assessed by the UN, these metrics incorporate the country’s
number of data centers and secure servers. This pillar also
includes indicators derived from our global survey in which
respondents assessed the robustness of each country’s critical

This pillar collects several views of the technological and
legal enforcement “assets” in each country that prevent
improper access and use of data. These include the ITU’s
holistic assessment of cybersecurity capabilities, our own
ranking of digital privacy protections, and survey
respondents’ views on how well cybersecurity tools and
infrastructure are applied in their market.

This pillar measures the relative cybersecurity maturity and
the digital experience of the country’s businesses and
institutions. This includes a measure of digital participation
in government the extent to which organizations are familiar
with artificial intelligence, and survey respondents
assessments of the degree to which cybersecurity capabilities
are strategic and formally integrated into their organizations.

This pillar measures the comprehensiveness, quality, and
efficacy of a country’s regulatory environment in enhancing
and promoting resilient cybersecurity practices. This measure
incorporates the World Bank’s evaluation of the government’s
effectiveness and the quality of its cybersecurity regulation,
as well as survey respondents’ assessments of the robustness
and completeness of that regulation.


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