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The Netherlands Limits ASML Chip Equipment Exports to China Due to U.S. Pressures

The Netherlands Limits ASML Chip Equipment Exports to China Due to U.S. Pressures

ASML, a leading chip machine manufacturer based in Veldhoven, Netherlands, disclosed that the Dutch government has partially retracted an export license for shipping specific chip-making equipment to China. This action comes in response to export restrictions imposed by the United States.

The affected shipments primarily involve specific lithography systems, namely the NXT:2050i and NXT:2100i models, according to the company’s announcement.

ASML specializes in dominating the market for lithography systems, pivotal in utilizing lasers to facilitate chip circuitry production.

Despite this development, ASML anticipates no significant financial impact in its 2023 outlook due to these revocations or the recent U.S. export control constraints.

China has notably evolved into ASML’s primary market, surpassing Taiwan and South Korea in the third quarter of 2023, accounting for 46% of the company’s sales. This shift underscores the importance of the Chinese market for ASML’s operations.

Earlier in 2023, the United States unveiled regulations granting it authority to restrict the export of ASML’s “Twinscan NXT1930Di” machine if it incorporates any components of U.S. origin.

Subsequently, Dutch lawmakers questioned the Trade Minister regarding the unilateral imposition of export regulations by the U.S. concerning another ASML chipmaking machine destined for China.

ASML disclosed, “Following recent discussions with the US government, we have gained further clarification regarding the scope and implications of U.S. export control regulations.” The company reiterated its firm commitment to compliance with all pertinent laws and regulations, particularly export controls in the countries where it conducts business operations.


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