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X reorganizes trust and safety team under Musk, CEO Yaccarino

X reorganizes trust and safety team under Musk, CEO Yaccarino

On July 31, Reuters reported that Elon Musk, the owner of X (formerly known as Twitter), and Chief Executive Linda Yaccarino will be taking on important roles in overseeing the company’s trust and safety team. This move comes in the wake of criticism directed towards the platform’s content moderation policies, particularly after Musk’s acquisition of the company in October last year. Researchers have accused X of being too lenient with content guard rails, resulting in an increase in harmful posts. In response to these concerns, X has made significant changes to its leadership structure.

According to the announcement, Elon Musk will be responsible for overseeing X’s product and engineering team. This implies that he will have a direct impact on the technical aspects of the platform, which could lead to improvements in user experience and product innovation.

On the other hand, Linda Yaccarino will take charge of all other divisions within the company, including human resources, legal, finance, sales, and operations. This suggests that Yaccarino will have a broad oversight of X’s business operations, ensuring that the company’s various departments work cohesively towards its goals.

Of particular significance is Yaccarino’s role in overseeing the trust and safety team, which is responsible for content moderation. Content moderation has become a crucial aspect of social media platforms, as they strive to strike a balance between allowing free expression and curbing harmful or inappropriate content. The criticism faced by X in this area has prompted the company to take action and make changes to its trust and safety practices.

In an email shared with Reuters, Yaccarino addressed X employees, revealing that the company is currently seeking a new leader for brand safety and suitability. The previous head of brand safety, A.J. Brown, who was responsible for preventing advertisements from appearing next to unsuitable content, left the company last month. This signals X’s commitment to refining its brand safety efforts to maintain a responsible and safe online environment.

Furthermore, Yaccarino mentioned in the email that three X leaders will now be overseeing different responsibilities within the trust and safety team, including law enforcement operations and threat disruptions. This decentralized approach could enable a more focused and effective response to various safety challenges faced by the platform.

These changes to the trust and safety team have come in the aftermath of Ella Irwin’s resignation as the head of the team in June. Irwin’s departure likely prompted the company to evaluate its content moderation strategies and leadership structure, leading to the current restructuring efforts.

In conclusion, X’s decision to entrust Elon Musk and Linda Yaccarino with the oversight of the trust and safety team reflects the company’s commitment to addressing the criticism surrounding its content moderation practices. By allocating specific responsibilities to key leaders within the organization and seeking new talent in the area of brand safety, X aims to enhance its content filtering mechanisms and create a safer and healthier environment for its users. As the social media landscape continues to evolve, X’s efforts in this regard are likely to shape the future of content moderation across various digital platforms.


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