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Indian App Developers Demand “ONDC of App Stores” to Crack Open Tech’s Walled Gardens

Indian App Developers Demand “ONDC of App Stores” to Crack Open Tech’s Walled Gardens

Indian tech firms are making a bold move toward digital independence, calling for an “Open Network for Digital Commerce” (ONDC) for app stores. This “ONDC of App Stores,” as they envision it, aims to liberate Indian developers and consumers from the walled gardens erected by tech giants like Apple and Google.

Currently, app developers in India face limited reach and hefty commissions imposed by dominant app stores. The proposed ONDC for apps would dismantle these walls by creating a decentralized network where developers can list their apps directly with buyers, bypassing the control and fees of centralized platforms. This move could:

  • Boost fair competition: By opening the gates to a wider range of developers, the ONDC app store could foster innovation and diversity in the Indian app marketplace. Smaller developers and startups would have a fighting chance against established players, leading to a more vibrant and dynamic ecosystem.
  • Empower Indian consumers: With more choices and potentially lower prices, Indian consumers would benefit from increased competition among app providers. The ONDC app store could also prioritize data privacy and security, giving users greater control over their digital lives.
  • Promote a level playing field: The current dominance of foreign app stores raises concerns about data security and the potential for unfair trade practices. An ONDC app store built on open standards and Indian regulations could level the playing field and protect the interests of both developers and consumers.

However, challenges remain. Building and implementing the ONDC for apps will require substantial collaboration between various stakeholders, including developers, consumers, and government agencies. Regulatory hurdles and potential resistance from existing app store giants must also be addressed.

Despite the challenges, the potential benefits of an ONDC app store are significant. This initiative could not only boost India’s digital economy but also pave the way for a more open and equitable digital landscape globally. Indian companies are taking a bold step toward breaking free from tech’s walled gardens, and the world is watching with interest.


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