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Winzo Cracks the Code on Skill vs. Chance: IITs Join Forces to Classify Games in India

Winzo Cracks the Code on Skill vs. Chance: IITs Join Forces to Classify Games in India

The online gaming space in India just got a game-changer! Indian platform Winzo, in a groundbreaking collaboration with the prestigious Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs), has developed an AI-powered model that accurately classifies games as “skill-based” or “chance-based.” This revolutionary tool holds immense potential to reshape the industry, paving the way for clearer regulations and promoting responsible gaming practices.

Skill vs. Chance: A Blurred Line No More

The distinction between skill and chance often gets murky in the world of online gaming, creating grey areas that impact regulations and responsible consumer engagement. Winzo’s AI model cuts through the fog by analyzing several factors, including:

  • Gameplay mechanics: The model delves deep into the game’s design, analyzing the role of player input, strategy, and decision-making versus random elements like luck or predetermined outcomes.
  • User behavior: Extensive data on player performance, win rates, and progression patterns helps the model identify skill-based activities where practice and improvement matter.
  • Game dynamics: The model assesses the potential for addiction and compulsive behavior associated with chance-based games, contributing to responsible gaming initiatives.

Shaping a Fairer Future for Indian Gaming

This innovative tool brings several benefits to the table:

  • Clearer Regulations: With an objective measure of skill versus chance, regulators can build robust frameworks for licensing and age restrictions, creating a safer and more transparent gaming environment.
  • Responsible Gaming Practices: Platforms like Winzo can leverage the model to implement responsible gaming features, like time limits and spending warnings, tailored to the specific risks associated with each game.
  • Empowering Consumers: Players benefit from increased awareness of the nature of the games they choose, allowing them to make informed decisions and engage responsibly.

Beyond India: A Global Ripple Effect

Winzo’s collaboration with IITs sets a significant precedent not just for India but for the global gaming industry. This AI-powered solution can potentially be adopted by international platforms and regulators, bringing more fairness, transparency, and responsibility to the world of online gaming.


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